Mastering the adwords cash mountain

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Adwords is scary at first, the simple fact that you are spending money every time someone clicks on your advert means you will literally see your money flowing out of your bank account, not nice if money is not flowing back in the other side. The purpose of this report is to give you the skills you need to get up and running on Adwords and hopefully making some money. I won’t sugar-coat things and say that making money on Adwords is easy, but by following the principles in this report you’ll be better prepared than 99% of the people who are trying to make money on Adwords. Read through this whole report in one sitting then come back and read relevant parts again as you start to take action and get your first campaign up and running.

If you really master Adwords then you can pretty much write yourself a blank check, but to get there you’re going to need to put in some work – let’s get started! What is Adwords? Have you ever seen these little ads as you’ve been surfing round the internet? Or you’ll find them along the right-hand side and on top of the results when you use Google to search for something. Or on websites that choose to show them. Those are Adwords ads. Someone has paid to have that ad there to try and capture your attention and get you to click through to their website. With approximately 200 million searches done every day and countless page views of websites that will have these ads on then I am sure you can see how powerful this can be in the right hands! (or a disaster in the wrong hands!). So Google Adwords is just an PPC (pay per click) advertising platform that allows you to display a small advert to try and get people to click through to your site where you try to monetise them in some way (get them to perform some action that leads to an immediate or future purchase). There are two main ways to use the system, you either choose the ‘search’ function which will show your ads to the side of the search results Google gives when people are searching. You enter a ‘keyword’ or ‘keyword phrase’ into the system and then when people search for that keyword then your ad will appear.

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