27 Free Marketing Tools

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One of the most popular questions put to me by readers of my blog post was “what tools do you use each and ever day to run your business?” I actually get asked this question a lot by my mentoring clients too, and so I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you the 28 top free marketing tools that I use daily to help me make money online. Below you’ll find a list of internet marketing tools that can be used to take your business forward, and I personally use every tool weekly. In fact, my $20,000 month simply wouldn’t have been possible without the tools listed below.

And the best part of all is that each and every tool is 100% FREE too! 1. Google Reader If you’re not currently using RSS to keep up to date with the best content on the web, then you really need to start today. Almost all blogs publish an RSS feed, and that means that if you use an RSS feed reader, you can have the content of that site delivered to you as soon as it happens. You’ll never have to go looking for your favourite sites again, and once you start subscribing to your preferred RSS feeds, you’ll discover that you save a ton of time which you can now use to grow your business in other ways.