Ways Of Knowing

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Adolescence during the phases of self-growth begins at an early age, developing characteristics that lead to maturity, yet different roles increase and intensify whereas many start developing mimicking behaviors. The manifestation of these mimicked behaviors often involves the way one thinks, or believes. Often adolescence grow up failing to express their own point of views, rather they express what they mimic to others.

The problem comes with underdevelopment self, voice and mind. Social factors play a large part in why many teens contend to become problematic. Often the social issues lead to loses of voice. When we work through the processes of development of self, voice and mind we must consider social issues, biases, shortchanges, expressions, education and more. Because the female gender has been shortchanged, or else biases in educational programs, at home, and in society has hindered these human beings from progressing to their limits, it has caused major underdevelopment of voice in particular, yet it stems to lack of self, and mind development.

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